Money Plant - A Brief Insight into Lucky Plant for Home

There are some plants that are believed to bring good luck. Believe it or not, many plants bring prosperity and good luck, including money plant, jasmine, orchids, and lavender. In fact, many of you may not have ever thought of the ways these plants can help humans prosper. These lucky plants inside the house are not only beautiful but are also said to have powerful effects in helping you prosper. But, amongst all, money plant is regarded as the best indoor plant that brings good luck, wealth abundance to the home.

As per Feng Shui and Vastu, money plant is beneficial in all the aspects. This is indeed a plant that also helps purify indoor air. Even Many experts recommend that anyone can head start on planting lucky plants by just following some simple indoor home gardening tips that help them thrive well and mesmerize your home.

Let me first start with the benefits of keeping the money plant that cites credible sources: 

Money plant, scientifically named as Scindapsus aureus, or Epipremnum aureum consists of more than 100 genera. Due to the shape and structure of leaves (round, flat, heart shaped, plump and dark green) which has a resemblance to the coins, this plant is known as money plant. With that said, here are some of the benefits of money plant:
  • It absorbs electromagnetic radiations. Scientists have also recommended to keep it close to each computer, television, WiFi router, etc to absorb harmful radiations. 
  • As per Feng Shui, money plant is one of the best air purifying plants that perfectly cleanse the air polluted by synthetic or plastic materials. NASA has also approved it due to its air purifying capabilities.  
  • According to Texas A&M University, such kind of lucky plants for home shower positive energy and improves work performance by filtering air and increasing oxygen flow. 
  • Keep the money plant in the front of a sharp corner or angle to reduce anxiety and stress. It also maintains relationships by avoiding arguments and disorders. This is also proven in the study conducted by Washington State University.  
The most noteworthy point here is, money plants help attract money or wealth as per Feng Shui.

How is Money Plant the Best Vastu Remedy for Money?

As the name suggests, money plant just like the look of its leaves contributes in increasing the wealth and finances of the home. There is also one famous story of the poor man from Taiwan. He prayed to ward off his money troubles and suddenly one day he saw money plant in his field that was perceived as a god gift by him. As a result of his prayers and meticulous care, the plant yielded seeds, nuts, and more plants. He sold them and put an end to his financial woes. So, if like him, you also wish to come out of financial strain you need to use one of the best Vastu remedies for money- Money Plant. Although it grows with minimal care and is easy to maintain, you should keep certain rules in mind while planting and nurturing it.

No matter how big or small your home is? And whether you’re living in a 1 BHK or 4 BHK Flat, the rules mentioned below are so easy to follow that you can follow them at whatever kind of home space you have.

Direction: Do not ever place the money plant in North-East direction. It is said to adversely affect the health and wealth in the home. You should keep it in a South-East direction of the home as this is the direction of Lord Ganesha who is said to bring wealth and prosperity in the home.

Indoors: Money plant gives the maximum benefits when it is planted indoors. Thus, rather than keeping it outside, place it inside. It can be potted in a small pot or a glass bottle and if you’re placing it outside, place it under the roof or covered area so that sunlight does not directly fall on it. This helps attract positive energy and generate wealth.

Water: It requires adequate watering, which is the best thing. It has a great survival power even if you don’t water it for a long time. However, it would be best if you water it at least twice during peak summer time and once a day in winters.

Light: As summers are quite harsh in our country, place your money plant in a partly covered patio. Harsh sunlight rays may damage the leaves, which is not good.

Cut & Prune: You need to cut dry, dead and yellow leaves regularly. Keeping a wilted money plant is considered highly auspicious for the finances of the home. Also, water and prune your money plant on a regular basis, so that stems and leaves don't fall on the floor. Don’t allow anyone else to cut or prune your plant. Always do it yourself or else you’ll be giving away your wealth to another person.

Money plant symbolizes actual money. So the greener your money plant, the more money, wealth, and luck you’ll get into the home. It is easy to maintain and take care so take note and who knows how lucky you’ll be. With unique presence, it breathes positive energy into your home, warding off negativity and opening the doors to opportunity.